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Welcome to Faith to Faith Online

Faith to Faith is an outreach of Renaissance Assembly, In Renaissance Assembly we are taking "The Message of Faith" around the World by the power of the Holy Spirit. We are making a difference in Our generation Individually, Locally and Globally through Church Planting, Campaigns, Seminars.

We are a People of Purpose, Passion and Power, Principle, Positivity and Possibility, Prosperity.
We are called to teach Faith and prove the integrity of God's Word.

The Alpha Fellowship prepares you to join church and to serve effectively.

This Friends fellowship takes care of the first timers in church and ensure they have a wonderful stay and experience.

The Rhythms fellowship is the musical expression of Renaissance Assembly, taking the Gospel of Faith around the word through music.

The Shepherds fellowship disciple and help you grow in your walk with God

The Stewards fellowsip provides care for you and your properties in church and during service.

The Streams fellowship is the Media and Technical arm of Renaissance Assembly, they bring the power and teaching of God's word to you, wherever you are.


Read and share your wonderful testimonies with us. Inspire a Life today.
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Faith to Faith Devotional is a publication of renaissance assembly Inc.
With this plan, you will finish the old and new testament this year,
and go through the book of psalms twice.
To download the Faith to Faith Devotional for the week
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Participate in the seven core purposes of the Believer today.


There are various methods of giving for tithes, offerings and partnership. click for more

Don't be left out, join us every Sunday by 9.am on our livestream and experience God's presence wherever you are